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Brain cancer diagnosis and therapy

Look for blood biomarkers using the NALIA system (see Project 4) to see whether they can provide early diagnosis of brain cancer, particularly glioblastoma, and also monitoring of therapy.

We will construct iron nanoparticles to target the brain tumour cells because they should permit the application of the highly economical Electrical Impedance Imaging Technology and permit thermal ablation of the tumour by application of an external energy source to targeted nanoparticles injected directly into the tumour mass.


1) Diagnostic microarray for early diagnosis and monitoring of brain tumours.
2) Economical imaging of these tumours.
3) Thermal ablation of tumours ("I'd rather have a needle than a knife").

Project team

Dr. A. Tizzard Leader

Prof. R. Bayford
Scientific support

Dr. S. Butler
Scientific support

Research Assistant
Biological testing of nanoparticles

Midatech Ltd.
Nanoparticle synthesis

Prof. A. Dalgleish, St.
Testing tumour inhibition

George's Hosp. M.Sch. Surgeon, Kings Coll. Hosp.
Provide clinical material

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