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Breast Imaging

Breast imaging

We have collaborated with a team at Dartmouth College in the USA who have been applying Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) imaging to the diagnosis of breast cancer. Our contribution has been to greatly improve image accuracy by more sophisticated mathematical analysis of the imaging data paying particular attention to the influence of breast shape. We intend to refine our algorithms even more to improve the reliability of diagnosis.


1. To help establish an accurate diagnostic system for breast cancer which is economical and does not involve the use of ionising radiation which is especially undesirable for pregnant, young and elderly women and for repeated use.

2. If skin patch delivery results are encouraging (Midatech), propose therapeutic collaboration using cytotoxic gold nanoparticles.

Project team

Dr. A. Tizzard Leader 

Research Assistant Mathematical analysis

Research Student (MSc or placement) Prototype build and testing

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