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Cancer Virus-Induced Signalling Complex

Cancer virus-induced signalling complex

Polyoma virus infection can transform normal into cancer cells and this has been an important model system in deciphering the basic mechanisms underlying all human cancers.  The polyoma viral oncogene, MT, acts as an analogue of an activated growth factor receptor. Mutated receptors play a part in generating most cancers, so understanding MT's function will help decipher how these receptors work during cancer formation and hopefully provide clues to reversing this action. We have recently identified a nanocluster containing MT on the surface of polyoma virus-transformed cells that is essential for its cancer forming action.  We plan to purify these MT containing complexes and identify the constituents using our mass spectrometry facilities.  This is an essential prerequisite to searching for novel therapeutic inhibitors.


    1) Identify the components of the virally-induced cancer-forming complex

    2) Use the information to devise new therapeutic agents.

Project team

Prof. S. Dilworth

Research Assistant Analysis of complex

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