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Early GP Diagnosis of Cancer



Professor Richard Bayford and colleagues developed and patented a straightforward method for immunological detection of biomarkers, in particular the tumour growth factor chorionic gonadotrophin (see Project 15).  The gold electrode is coated with an agent which can specifically bind to a selected cancer biomarker in patient's blood so when the serum is added, the layer coating the electrode is increased in thickness and there is a change in electrical resistance which can be readily measured. The device can incorporate several electrodes, each of which can detect a different cancer biomarker.  The simplicity of the device means that it could readily be used in a doctor's surgery or a public pharmacy, or even in a room adjoining a clinic to give both doctor and patient a rapid diagnosis enabling earlier instigation of therapy and relieving the patient of an agonising wait for the results.


1)  Development of a compact, economical device for early detection and/or monitoring therapy of cancer suitable for Point of Care use.

2)  Commercialisation of the device for use in cancer, allergy and even heart disease.

Project team

Prof. R. Bayford Team Leader

Dr. A Tizzard Technical support

Research Associate Biophysics development

U.C.L. Engineer Hardware development

Nottingham University Provision of sera

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