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Centre for Enterprise, Environment and Development Research (CEEDR)

Supporting sustainable business, finance, inclusive socio-economic development and  wellbeing

Welcome to the Centre for Enterprise, Environment and Development Research (CEEDR).

Our research operates at the heart of the economy to build stronger communities, by exploring small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises  and sustainable businesses in the UK and internationally. With the challenges facing the economy, society and the planet, our research in particularly explores the dynamics of responsible, resilient and sustainable businesses aiming to provide good work, inclusive prosperity, innovation, wellbeing and a regenerative economy.

Our research

Our work has an established reputation for high quality, independence and meaningful impact in business and place based economic development policy and practice. We work internationally and ensure our work reflects local contexts wherever it has an impact. Key research and impact themes comprise:

CEEDR Associates

CEEDR works with a range of associates within Middlesex University, in other organisations. Our work cuts across disciplines and often involves co-production with practice and policy focused organisations.

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Postgraduate Research

CEEDR offers opportunities for postgraduate research students and welcomes those wishing to join our vibrant research community.

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Funders and Clients

When delivering contract research we work closely with our clients to produce rigorous outputs meeting their needs. We offer a wide range of consultancy research services, from policy and strategic evaluations through to primary and secondary data collection, analysis and action research.

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Keep in touch

If you'd like to learn more about our research, academic staff or publications, please contact us:

Professor Fergus Lyon, Head of CEEDR

Email: f.lyon@mdx.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8411 6856

Pamela Macaulay, CEEDR administrator

Email: p.macaulay@mdx.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8411 5460


Middlesex University Business School 
The Burroughs 
London NW4 4BT 
United Kingdom 
fax: (+44) (0) 20 8411 6607

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