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Postgraduate Research

The Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR), is a leading academic research centre based within Middlesex University's Business School. We offer postgraduate research degree programmes with dedicated supervision which can be studied either full-time or part-time.

As one of our research students you will be part of a community of scholars and academics assisting you to complete your programme successfully. You will also be part of a developmental program proving advice and guidance needed to an academic career and for maximising the impact of your work through knowledge exchange. We welcome PhD and DProf applications in relation to the following core research areas:

Social and sustainable enterprise

  • Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise
  • Nature based solutions and circular economy business models
  • Measuring social value
  • Innovation and public services
  • Social investment and green finance

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) growth, innovation and finance

  • Financing SME growth
  • Home based business
  • Migrant and ethnic minority businesses
  • Measuring firm performance

Local/regional economic development and regeneration

  • Clusters in developed and developing economies
  • Informal economic activities
  • Diversity and urban economic development
  • Sustainability and the green economy

Employment, skills and the quality of work.

  • Maternity protection in SMEs
  • SME regulation and employee relations
  • Labour market and skills policy and analysis

For further discussion of PhD possibilities, please contact Leandro Sepulveda

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