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Evaluation of the Deprived Urban Post Office Fund

Commissioned by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (NRU), for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Launched in 2002, the Deprived Urban Post Office Fund (DUPOF) was a £15m fund run by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit to provide grants of up to £50,000 to sub-post offices in the most deprived areas of England to help them refurbish and diversify their businesses.  It was aimed at reducing the risk of closure of those sub-post offices that were not part of the Post Office's rationalisation and closure programme.  The aim of the evaluation was to assess the impact of DUPOF on the performance of the sub-post offices themselves, upon other local businesses and upon local communities.  The research involved an analysis of applications to the Fund, a survey of a sample of successful and unsuccessful applicants, and an in depth study of 12 assisted sub-post offices which involved a survey of general public and business customers and non-users.  A follow-up survey of assisted sub-post offices was undertaken in order to assess the longer term impact.  As well as a final report, the research led to the production of a Good Practice Guide for Post Office Diversification.   

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