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Devolution and Regional Governance

Devolution and Regional Governance: Tackling the Economic Needs of Deprived Areas

Commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This project assessed the actual and potential impact on the economic and employment needs of disadvantaged places of new and emerging governance structures at the regional and sub-regional scales. It was concerned with identifying and evaluating examples of good practice where integration between different levels of governance and economic and social policy agendas has benefited deprived localities and the people who live and work within them. The areas studied were characterised by a range of different regional economic governance arrangements as well as different types of deprived areas (i.e. inner cities, coalfields, and rural areas). They comprised four English regions (the North East; East Midlands; London; and the South West), Scotland, and Wales. The study was published by the JRF in three volumes:

  1. 'Devolution and regional governance: Tackling the economic needs of deprived areas';
  2. 'Devolved governance and the economic problems of deprived areas: the cases of Scotland, Wales and four English regions';
  3. 'Interventions to tackle the economic needs of deprived areas: analysis of six policy case studies'.

Contact CEEDR or visit the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website for more details on this project.

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