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Economic Development Strategy

Understanding local economic development strategy and local economic assessments at the local and sub-regional level

Commissioned by the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG)

This research commissioned in 2008, contributed to the consultation exercise over the implementation of the recommendations of the Subnational Review of Economic Development and Regeneration (SNR) undertaken by the government. The recommendations of the Subnational Review included a proposal that a statutory duty should be imposed upon local authorities to assess the local economy. The objective of this review was to better understand what was currently going on in terms of the scale and range of local level assessments/audits currently being undertaken by the existing range of bodies operating at the sub-regional and local level. The project comprised two elements. First the assembly of a comprehensive list of all sub-regional partnerships operating within England and their principal types of local economic activity. Second a review of the economic development strategies and local economic assessments/audits currently being undertaken by local authorities (of differing types) and a range of sub-regional bodies. For this second element, primary and secondary research was undertaken in four regions: the North East, the South West, the East Midlands and London.

The key findings of this work were published in a report entitled: Review of economic assessment and strategy activity at the local and sub-regional level, by CLG. The report reviews the range of types of economic assessments currently being produced at the local and sub regional level. It also examines the changing forms of sub regional structures and identifies tensions that need to be addressed in the development of future economic assessments and strategies.

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