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Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Syrett, S. and North, D. (forthcoming 2010) 'New Labour and the economic revitalisation of deprived neighbourhoods' Local Economy (Special Issue: Thirteen Years of New Labour, vol. 25, no.5.

Etherington D and Jones M (2009) 'City Regions and New Geographies of Uneven Development and Inequality', Regional Studies, 43,2, 247-265       

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Syrett, S. (2006) 'Governing the global city: Economic challenges and London's new institutional arrangements', Local Government Studies, vol.32, no.3, pp.293-309. (Special issue on the governance of London).

Silva, C.N. and Syrett, S. (2006) ' Governing Lisbon: evolving forms of city governance', International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, vol.30, no.1, pp.98-119

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Syrett, S. and Silva, C.N. (2001) 'Regional Development Agencies in Portugal: Past Developments and Future Challenges', Regional Studies, vol.35, no.2, pp.174-180.

North, D. & Baldock, R. (2000) 'From Crisis Manager to Strategic Partner:  The Changing Role of Four London Boroughs in Economic Regeneration', Town Planning Review , 71.4, pp 435-454

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