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Early Assessment of the UK Innovation Investment Fund

Commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

This was an early assessment of the UK Innovation Investment Fund (UKIIF), a UK government funded equity finance scheme to address the finance gap for early stage R&D and innovative businesses in low carbon, life sciences, digital and advanced manufacturing sectors. This fund of funds pari passu scheme, designed to stimulate private equity investment, managed by the private sector, is designed to develop one of Europe's largest technology venture capital funds, projected to generate up to £3 billion in funds over a 12 to 15 year life span. This research was an early stage, in-depth, assessment of 16 successful business applicants, fund managers and key market stakeholders. It provided early indications of the extent to which UKIIF is addressing market failures and contributing to business productivity and growth and a platform for a later stage full evaluation.

Date published: May 2012

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