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Social and Sustainable Enterprise

Leading Research in Social Enterprise and Sustainability

The UK is a hotbed of social enterprise, home to thousands of thoughtful and successful businesses that reinvest profits into social problems, communities, the environment and bettering people's life chances. Since 2000, the academics and research students at CEEDR have worked at the forefront of research into this thriving sector.

Leading the charge

In addition to a number of influential projects for different government departments, CEEDR was the social enterprise lead in the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Third Sector Research Centre and directed the ESRC Social Enterprise Research Capacity Building Cluster. We have also recently completed another commission from the ESRC to examine social enterprises and mutuals that spin out of the public sector.

What happens next?

At CEEDR, we're always thinking about how our research will help shape government policy that will benefit social and sustainable enterprises. You can find out more about the impact of our research on both policy and practice – including relevant case studies - by following this link.

Our research also feeds into a number of courses, including those run by CEEDR and guest lectures in different modules across the Business School. Moreover, it also supports the growing PhD programme within CEEDR.

Here are just a selection of our recent research projects on social and sustainable enterprise: