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Action for Kids Programmes

Evaluation of Action for Kids Programmes

Voucher for Action for Kids Charitable Fund

Researchers: Eleonore Kofman, Dreenagh Lyle and Erin Sanders

The project sought to bring out the value and tangible outcomes of AFK's work with children and young people with disabilities. It explored the views and opinions of all clients engaging with AFK (including young people, families/carers, and school/education officials); however the key focus was facilitating the voices of disabled people as they shared their experiences of being involved with AFK. The voucher met all our expectations in the quality of the research and its usefulness to the partner organisation. It gave the SPRC knowledge of a vulnerable with which we had not previously worked. The main researcher gained experience and a wide range of research skills in applying her knowledge about the disability of young people in relation to a particular organisation. The partner organisation obtained practical suggestion on how to measure tangible outcomes for participants, and provided them with recommendations on ways to fill gaps in current service provision and suggested specific organisations that AFK might establish partnerships with to further develop their programmes. It contributed to their ability to undertake in 2012 a Social Return on Investment analysis conducted in-house.

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