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Advise UK Voucher

Evaluation of the BMER Advice Network (BAN)

Advice UK with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

Researcher(s): Preeti Kathrecha, Alessio D'Angelo

This research explores the impact of the BMER Advice Network partnership on communities in London. It aims to provide recommendations on how a future service would be best placed to operate, in particular how sustainability, efficiency and best value could be improved. The findings will help to improve activities and adapt the BAN partnership delivery model such that it is best placed to continue to deliver advice services to minority ethnic communities in London.

A part-time researcher was given a full-time contract; knowledge/confidence gained from the research has already been used to spawn a similar BMER advice network in west London; the study has highlighted how collaboration and partnership working in the BMER advice sector can benefit BMER communities across London. It has shown that such methods of working are an efficient and viable model for the delivery of advice. It has also shown that there is further need for yet more co-ordination cooperation in the sector.

The report will help inform BAN's planning for the future delivery of advice services to BMER communities across London and will enable it to adopt the most relevant model both in terms of service delivery but for the future shape of the partnership and its governance; the voucher has demonstrated the value of social research to BAN members, it has given academic weight to arguments for the need for BMER specific advice services and has been quoted by a number of BAN members in recent funding applications; the ability to overcome organisational fears about being part of a partnership and how networking can increase knowledge of both similar issues that affect organisations and communities but also what the cultural differences are and how this knowledge can used for the benefit of BMER communities across London as a whole.

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