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Dance to Health

Commissioned by Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose

CEEDR was commissioned by AESOP (Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose) to help develop sustainable social enterprise models for its 'Dance to Health' programme. Dance to Health responded to the issue of older people's falls. It addressed challenges faced by current falls prevention services and aimed to achieve health, artistic and social outcomes, as well as public health savings. The project  involved the development of recommendations and guidance material for AESOP (and other arts and health social enterprises) on selecting a social enterprise model and governance, identifying income and investment sources, as well as approaches and trajectories for scaling up, franchising, and guidance on measuring organisational level impact.

Download Project Report here.

Aesop aims to increase its potential and capabilities as serial innovator in arts and health. Social franchising is an innovative way to reach more beneficiaries and therefore have a wider impact on health care, social care, and general wellbeing. Building on the previous project, CEEDR was commissioned by Aesop to help the organisation to develop a scaling/social franchising model for its flagship programme Dance to Health that will provide the organisation with the capacity to focus on the development of services in other areas of arts and health.

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