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Brent Homeless Action Group

Social Enterprise Research Placement at Brent Homeless Action Group

Resarcher(s): Professor Alex Murdock and Anita Silberhauer, B.Hug

The placement was focused around understanding the work of the organisation and exploring the implications of personalisation for the organisation. The placement enabled the placement fellow to develop work on personalisation and also to examine the effects of this development on the strategic and contractual setting for the organisation.

The placement also involved the CEO of B/Hug spending time in the University where she was able to undertake a specialist module on the masters programme ( she attained one of the best marks of the student group). The awareness of BHug and its activities is developing and the learning about personalisation led to a conference paper at the International Public Management Network conference at Rotterdam in July 2010. This paper on personalisation and person budgets led to a book chapter.

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