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Cockpit Arts Voucher

The potential and the price for Social Enterprise Consultancy

Cockpits Arts with London South Bank University

Researcher(s): Dr. Elizabeth Shaw & Dr Charles Graham, London South Bank University

Cockpit Arts is a small social enterprise which was considering entering into consultancy. It had offered this before but on a no fee basis and wished to establish to market potential to offer this to small arts based organisations. The voucher enabled a though exploration of this potential market and identified both opportunities and also challenges for the organisation in entering the market. A key finding of the voucher work was that the proposed form of consultancy envisaged would probably not be successful as the organisations would be unable to afford to pay an economic rate. The voucher enabled Cockpit Arts to learn about alternative ways to achieve their intended objective though other forms of service provision. The director of Cockpit Arts was very pleased with the work undertaken when a later follow up visit was undertaken to assess the effect of the work.

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