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Daymer Voucher

BME Children in London: Educational Needs and the Role of Community Organisations

Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

Researcher(s): Alessio D'Angelo, with Alejandro Paniagua and Aygul Ozdemir

The project aimed to: investigate the educational needs of children and families from the Turkish and Kurdish communities in London; evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Day-Mer's educational services; identify good practice, challenges and sustainability strategies. Day-Mer used the project report as part of a funding application to the Big Lottery fund (in partnership with other community sector organisation), which was successful in securing resource for a new series of educational activities.

Day-Mer subsequently commissioned further research from Middlesex University Findings have been disseminated through: A community event at Day-Mer (18 November 2011), with a round table with community members and representatives of the Hackney Education Authority (Learning Trust) and other stakeholders, an academic conference on "BME children in London: the role of community organisations" (Middlesex University, 2 December 2011), which brought together a number of academic working on this area, together with local practitioners, students and stakeholders.

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