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Evaluating Paiwan Education

The Impacts, Challenges and Sustainability Issues of Supplementary Education in London. An evaluation of Paiwand education services

Resarcher(s): Prof Louise Ryan, Alessio D'Angelo, Magdolna LÅ‘rinc

PLACEMENT Report for Afghan Association Paiwand with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

The research project aimed to evaluate: the effectiveness of the education services offered by Afghan Association Paiwand; the educational needs of Afghan children and families from London; key challenges and sustainability issues of supplementary education; opportunities and ways forward. During the project, the partner organisation launched a new financially viable educational model. The project paper will provide an excellent base study for future evaluations of the new model's effectiveness and can play crucial role in enabling Paiwand to secure further funding for its activities; Both ESOL teaching positions are now paid roles.

For Paiwand, the placement provided an evaluation of the effectiveness of their educational services, to be used as evidence for future funding applications and to develop strategies for future service provision; provided key insights about the areas to improve as we increase collaboration with mainstream schools; The Project Manager and Director presented on 'Partnering with Mainstream Schools' to funders at the John Lyons Conference on Supplementary Schooling [British Museum, Dec 2012].

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