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Flexible Housing Tenure

Flexible housing tenure choices across lifecourse

PhD researcher's name: Rowena Hay

University/Supervisors: Durham (Gordon Mcleod)

Partner organisation: Working with Home Group

Impact highlights: Presentations at seminars and academic conferences; development of personal skills and research expertise

New ways of providing affordable home occupation are being sought which enable low and middle income groups to get onto the housing ladder, while avoiding some of the risks associated with full ownership. One such means is shared ownership; a product that allows a home buyer to purchase a proportion of the equity in a home, thereby paying a mortgage on part of the property, and a subsidised rent on the remainder. This PhD thesis explores the conditions that led to the emergence of shared ownership products in the UK housing sector and considers the costs and benefits of such schemes to tenants and social enterprises (e.g. housing associations) that operate them.

Rowena has benefitted from the CASE Studentship as follows:

  • Rowena has gained extensive knowledge on contemporary debates in housing and particular expertise in the issue around shared ownership. This knowledge is both theoretical, informed by a comprehensive review of the academic literature, and practical, informed by the good relationship and close involvement of the CASE partner.

The supervisors also benefitted from this CASE Studentship:

  • The supervisory team have built a strong relationship with the CASE partner which holds promise for further collaborations and on-going outputs from the project. The supervisors consider that the empirical study from this studentship is very strong and will produce future high quality academic publications jointly with Rowena. The supervisors additionally benefit in expanding their expertise through the in-depth knowledge the studentship is generating on shared ownership in the housing sector.

The partner organisation also benefitted from this CASE studentship:

  • The partner has gained a valuable extensive and comprehensive literature overview of the latest academic reflections and theorisations on the housing sector. The partner closely defined the research topic and is very pleased with the progress of the studentship; as such the CASE partner gains outputs from a detailed and in-depth research project directly on a topic of high priority for their own knowledge and development.

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