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Gie Voucher

Opportunities for capacity building by Global Institute for Entrepreneurship

Global Institute for Entrepreneurship with London South Bank University

Researcher(s): Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

The organisation focuses upon Black and Minority Enterprise and the University researcher was also a member of an ethic group and had expertise in enterprise development. The research conducted through this voucher scheme identified opportunities to enable The Global Institute for Entrepreneurship (GIE) to develop capacity building. In addition the voucher has allowed GIE to focus on what is required to become more engaged and known in the community and develop for the future. The recommendations were very well received by the organisation with discussions around implementation. Subsequently the organisation held a successful event at London South Bank University which was recorded for further dissemination The voucher scheme has been viewed as successful for the client's perspective. In addition, the researcher has gained further knowledge of an organisation and the environment within which it operates.

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