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Health Impact Voucher

An Introduction to Health Impact Assessment

Groundwork North East with Durham University

Researcher(s): Dr. Colin Farr

The voucher used by Groundwork opened a relationship with an environment agency exploring community based activities and how to evaluate these. The voucher was used to develop a health impact assessment plan for Groundwork's planned activities with a community-based football league for young people living with mental health. The researchers (Curtis, Farr) provided a full report and presented this to Groundwork's Northeast Regional meeting; Groundwork forwarded the report to their relevant partners in the NHS involved in the development of the community football league. Both partners, the social enterprise and the University, appreciated the value of the voucher in developing and strengthening the relationship. The goodwill generated by the successful development of the health impact assessment plan is evident in a continued engagement between the University, particularly in the field of health through the Durham Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, with Groundwork.

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