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Inequalities and Discrimination

Accessing Healthcare: Inequalities and Discrimination in Enfield

Enfield Racial Equality Council with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

Researcher(s): Dr Elena Vacchelli, Alessio D'Angelo and Preeti Kathrecha

The project aimed at assessing to which extent local health providers in Enfield are able to tackle differential access to health services of certain vulnerable groups and to which extent new bodies implemented as part of the NHS reform, such as CCGs, are aware of equality legislation and are able offer internal mechanisms to implement it . The report will be discussed at the Enfield Strategic Partnership Meeting, a multi-agency body which includes representatives from public health and the Clinical Commissioning Group and hence influence policy at strategic level in the borough.

The project gave the research centre (SPRC) the opportunity to apply research findings form a large intra-European FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency) project coordinated in 2011-2012. EREC were able to dedicate focussed resources, which would not otherwise have been available to us, to conduct the research in an area of work which is presently undergoing vast change and restructure; EREC are considering becoming a social enterprise and undertake contracts on a commercial basis and this project gave them a valuable insight into the practical arrangements and research skills required to undertake this type of activity.

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