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Innovative Care Pathways

Growing and developing innovative care pathways

Partnership between Middlesex University (CEEDR) and Holy Cross Centre Trust (HCCT)

Objectives: To develop and grow HCCT into a social enterprise and franchise network that provides care services using innovative integrated care pathway models.

HCCT is a health, social care and training social enterprise and charity providing public services, such as mental health day care services and independent-living support to vulnerable adults. It tackles needs through innovative approaches that deliver a range of outcomes to individuals and communities. These services include mental health day care services, timebanking (a system of encouraging participation in volunteering and the provision of local services), work placements, training and qualifications. Local authorities provide the major portion of HCCT's income through contracts to deliver services.

Opportunities the KTP responds to:

  • Build on the innovative approach at HCCT to create commercially viable models / products that provide growth, self-sufficiency and sustainability at HCCT and also savings to the wider public purse
  • Scale-up the models to fully realise the organisation's business potential and wider impact, radically changing its income streams and growth into new markets
  • Growing into new markets through expansion in new locations and diversifying and establishing a franchising model
  • Disseminate this best practice model through training, consultancy services and franchisees to the benefit of public services more generally
  • Developing new and more joined-up models e.g. across training, workforce development and recruitment markets – creating a multiplier effect and greater social value to the end user and society

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