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Irish Teachers Vouchers

Recently arrived Irish teachers in Britain

Irish in Britain (formerly Federation of Irish Societies) with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

Researcher(s): Edina Kurdi and Prof. Louise Ryan

Irish in Britain is the national umbrella organisation serving the Irish voluntary sector and. the Irish community in Britain. This voucher explored the extent, nature and range of the recent migration of Irish teachers to Britain including training and employment pathways and examine their needs, attitudes and experiences. It also examined their sense of Irishness, connections to Ireland, involvement in Irish networks and/ or organisations in Britain This includes cultural engagement, their migration trajectories, career aspiration, family strategies and future plans for settlement, migration to another country or return to Ireland.

This is the first research project on Irish teachers in Britain and one of the very few studies on recently arrived Irish graduate and professional young people. It enabled us to employ a young research assistant – a student on our Masters in Research Methods (Edina Kurdi) giving her very useful practical experience of research under the mentoring and supervision of Prof Louise Ryan.

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