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Moda Voucher

Migrant and minority community organisations: funding, sustainability and ways forward

MODA (Migrant Organisation's Development Agency) with Middlesex University, Social Policy Research Centre

Researcher(s): Alessio D'Angelo, Erin Sanders

This is a research project about funding and resources available to migrant and minority organisations in London. The research also aimed to explore the effects of the current economic and political climate on the sector and the role played by second tier organisations and other networks. MODA members will be encouraging other groups to look at how they might build partnerships with universities to research and document issues of relevance to their communities.

Dissemination event launched the findings of our research as well as bringing together minority organisations, funders, researchers and other stakeholders in a series of interactive discussions. The voucher provided an opportunity to discuss possibilities of collaborative strategies to address current and anticipated practical difficulties in continuing to work with marginalised groups. It was a useful opportunity to learn about some of the benefits of cooperative projects with universities like Middlesex and take ideas discussed back to MODA members, organisations and networks.

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