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Placement activities enabled practitioners from social enterprises to spend time in the universities or enabled academics to to spend time working in social enterprises. Six placements were conducted over the years of the CBC.

Practitioners used a placement to write up their own experiences for dissemination, to communicate their ideas in academic settings, and build on the existing programmes of work based learning well established in the cluster universities.

Placements also enabled access to a wide range of specific programmes and also to a very diverse group of students on a range of programmes. Placements included access to the resources of research centres in each university and the diverse and strong experiential background of the associated faculty. The expertise and work of the partner universities was also made available to maximise the impact of placements.

The placements of academics and research students in social enterprises allowed them to build up their wider research capacity, gain experience of working in a social enterprise and understand their research needs.

Placements conducted under the CBC: 

Accessing Healthcare: Inequalities and Discrimination in Enfield, for Enfield Racial Equality Council - Elena Vacchelli, Alessio D'Angelo and Preeti Kathrecha, Middlesex University.

The Impacts, Challenges and Sustainability Issues of Supplementary Education in London for Paiwand (Afghan Community Association) - Lagdolna Lorinch, Middlesex University.

Social investment and the policy context for Social Spider and beanbags and Bullsh1t Blog - David Floyd, LSBU.

Social Enterprise Research Placement   for the Salvation Army Employment Plus UK - Charles Jardine, LSBU.

Social Enterprise Research Placement for Brent Homeless Action Group BHuG - Professor Alex Murdock LSBU and Anita Silberhauer BHuG. (2 way)

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