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The Role of Community Businesses in Providing Health & Wellbeing Services

Commissioned by Power to Change

The Power to Change charitable trust commissioned CEEDR to conduct a study on ‘The Role of Community Businesses in Providing Health & Wellbeing Services’. Power to Change (part of the Big Lottery Fund) supports community led businesses set up and are led by local people. Any profits flow back into the business to deliver positive local impact. Despite the strong growth potential of the emerging area of Health & Social Care in the community business sector, it was not well understood, revealing an interesting niche to be explored in more depth. Wellbeing community businesses were more able to understand the multiple needs of communities and  better able to respond by adopting a more wellbeing model of health that goes beyond the established reductionist medical and health service models.  The research provided insights for the community business sector more broadly while also identifying the specific challenges health and Wellbeing related community businesses faced.

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