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Social Investment

Demand for Social Investment

Social Enterprise UK; SEUK with Middlesex University, CEEDR

Researcher(s): Rob Baldock and Fergus Lyon

The project aimed to understand the demand for social investment by social enterprises. Analysis was completed on the SEUK data set from the State of Social Enterprise Survey. Recommendations from the report will enable SEUK to develop programmes and offer suitable advice. They have a specific interest in developing knowledge on the financial needs of social enterprises and the role of social investment. Initial work in this area allowed MU to advise policy makers in the Cabinet Office on social investment. Briefings have also been given to Big Society Capital a leading organisation providing social investment, with funds of £600 million, particularly in terms of conceptualising demand. These meetings have fed into further analysis. The researchers have used results for conference papers at Oxford University, building on research carried out for voucher with SEUK.

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