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Southbank Mosaics Voucher

Southbank Mosaics

Researcher(s): Peter Maple, LSBU

The project allowed for a marketing audit to be completed and for a range of alternative marketing approaches to be examined. It also resulted in a more effective funding model which provided additional sustainable growth for Southbank Mosaics. As a result papers were presented at the 2010 NCVO research conference and the 2011 VSSN research conference. In addition an external grant for further research into the impact of Southbank Mosaics innovative interventions with young offenders was obtained enabling a 2/3 year longitudinal impact study to be conducted by LSBU. Southbank Mosaics is used as an excellent case study in the teaching of Social Enterprise and Strategic Social Marketing on LSBU's postgraduate MSc Management in Civil Society courses.

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