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Vouchers enabled social enterprises to commission projects from the partner HEIs and to access particular knowledge bases. The objectives were to provide opportunity for researchers to carry out research determined by a social enterprise, build relationships with social enterprises, increase the capacity of the academic partners to respond to the information needs of social enterprises and introduce smaller social enterprises to the benefits of external research.

In each project, social enterprises had £3000 to spend with an academic they had selected.

Below is a list of vouchers for each HEI, within the programme.

Middlesex University Vouchers

Recently arrived Irish teachers in Britain

Migrant and minority community organisations

BME Children in London

Evaluation of the BME Advice Network (BAN)

Demand for Social Investment

Faith-based organisations and social enterprise

Mapping Social Firms

Evaluation of Action for Kids Programmes

Durham University Vouchers

Social Enterprise in North East England

The Impact of Social Enterprise on Reducing Re-offending

An Introduction to Health Impact Assessment

Financial exclusion, energy poverty and youth transitions to independent living

London South Bank University Vouchers

Report on the Work with AXNS Collective

Opportunities for capacity building by Global Institute for Entrepreneurship

The potential and the price for Social Enterprise Consultancy

Identifying social enterprise business opportunities for Hour of Revival

Tara Yoga Centre Course Evaluation Questionnaire

Southbank Mosaics

(f.lyon@mdx.ac.uk, murdocaj@lsbu.ac.uk or ash.amin@durham.ac.uk)

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