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Our Awards

Congratulations to Professor Helen Allan who has won the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology (SRIP) grant award.

Following the grant award Professor Allan will investigate early parenthood experiences of infertile couples after successful fertility treatment. As part of this, CCRNM will run a workshop to develop a collaborative team for investigating the implications on IVF/ICSI conception and delivery of a baby for couples’ lives in early parenthood.

CCRNM is pleased to announce that Patricia Jarrett has been awarded two prestigious awards for her research work:

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust [WCMT] Travel Fellowship

The WCMT Travel Fellowship will enable travel to Australia and USA to observe the work of charities, organisations and researchers in relation to mental health stigma during pregnancy and childbirth. The award will enable networking and the development of partnerships between CCRNM and host institutions for future research collaboration.


The ESRC National Centre for Research Methods aims to improve the standards of research methods and support uptake of training courses in research methods. Systematic Reviews (SRs) are an important research output, highly publishable and widely cited. The course will facilitate the completion of a rigorous SR, using both qualitative and quantitative evidence. Continued support is available after the course when completing SRs in collaboration with the Joanna Briggs Institute.

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