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Our Research Projects

Current research projects 

The Changing Face of the Nursing Workforce
October 2011-ongoing 
Principal investigator:  Professor Michael Traynor
Other investigators: Professor Carmel Clancy

Feasibility study to evaluate an evidence-based toolkit designed to support qualified nurses in their delegation and supervision of HCAS.
November 2015-April 2016

A feasibility study to test the design of an intervention study to evaluate the nurse delegation and supervision tool (NDST) in general medical care of frail elderly patients.

Principal investigator: Professor Helen T Allan (PI) 
Other investigators: Dr Carin Magnusson (University of Surrey)
                                Dr Kit Tapson and Dr Liang Liu (Middlesex University, CCRNM)
Collaborators: Dr Maggie Davies (West Sussex Hospitals Foundation Trust - Worthing)
Funded by: Burdett Trust for Nursing

Download the project report 

MDX-funded mixed methods study with University of Ghana
September 2015-September 2016 

A project exploring volunteering in the UK and Ghana, its current scope and impact and how positive attitudes toward volunteering can be incorporated into pedagogic practice. The aim of the project is to create a development package to support undergraduate nursing students on their programmes, include volunteering in everyday life, and assist academic staff in incorporating volunteerism into their nursing programmes.

Collaborators: Professor Sue Dyson, Professor Olga van den Akker, Dr Sheila Cunningham, Dr Liang 
                       Liu (Middlesex University)
                       University of Ghana
Funded by: Middlesex University: Department of Adult, Child and Midwifery Research and Knowledge
                   Transfer Incentives Monies

Development and preliminary evaluation of an intervention package to support parents of excessively crying infants
November 2014-November 2016 

This research is a first step in developing and evaluating new evidence-based NHS services to support parents whose babies cry for prolonged amounts of time. It aims to find out whether a large-scale study is justified.

Principal investigator: Professor Ian St James-Roberts
Other investigators: Professor Stephen Morris (University College London) 
                                Dr Rosemary Garratt (De Montfort University)
                                Professor Sue Dyson (Middlesex University)  
                                Ms Nicy Turney (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust)
                                Ms Christine Buzzard (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust)
                                Dr Elaine Boyle (University of Leicester)
                                Ms Rachel Plachcinski (National Childbirth Trust)
                                Ms Sally Rudge (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)
                                Mr Charles Owen (Institute of Education)
                                Mrs Jan Bullen (Chairperson of Cry-sis)
Funded by: NIHR
Collaborating partners include: Middlesex University, De Montfort University, Institute of Education at
                                                  University of London, Leicestershire Partnership Trust, Cry-sis

Past research projects 

Evaluation of the roll out of the care certificate in Islington Community Education Provider Network 
December 2014-May 2015

A report commissioned by HENCEL and produced on behalf of Middlesex University, School of Health and Education.

Principal investigator: Professor Michael Traynor
Other investigators: Dr Kevin Corbett, Dr Sinead Mehigan
Funded by: Whittington Health and Health Education North Central and East London (HENCEL) 
Funding amount: £34,945

Download the project report 

A realist evaluation of the development of general practice placements for student nurses in north central and east London
January 2015-April 2015

A report commissioned by Health Education North Central and East London (HENCEL) and produced on behalf of the School of Health and Education, Middlesex University. 

Principal investigator: Sinead Mehigan
Other investigators: Kathy Wilson, Anki Odelius, Kevin Corbett, Jacqueline Grove
Funded by: HENCEL

Download the project report  

What do we know about the implementation and effectiveness of the key/ super mentor role? A literature review 
December 2014-March 2015 

Principal investigator: Dr Sinead Mehigan 
Other investigators: Professor Michael Traynor, Kathy Wilson
Funded by: HENCEL

Download the project report

An evaluation of the Islington Community Education Provider Network super hub 
January-April 2015 

A report commissioned by the Islington Community Education Provider Network and produced for the School of Health and Education, Middlesex University.

Principal investigator: Dr Kevin Corbett
Other investigators: Professor Michael Traynor
Funded by: Islington Community Education Provider Network
Funding amount: £32,281

Download the project report

Scoping the role of the nurse consultant

The project aimed to provide HENCEL with a detailed review of progress of nursing research and development being delivered through the nurse consultant role across north central and east London. We were able to conclude from the project that nurse consultants were created as an occupational position without an initial precise definition of their role. Their numbers and precise remits have therefore developed organically, with no necessary agreed set of activities that define the role.

Principal investigators: Professor Michael Traynor, Professor Sue Dyson
Other investigators: Dr Liang Liu
Funded by: HENCEL

Download the project report 

Education in clinical practice: practice learning, mentorship and supervision 
October 2013-July 2014 

Principal investigator: Kathy Wilson
Other investigators: Professor Michael Traynor, Dr Sinead Mehigan, Oznur Korukcu 
Funded by: HENCEL
Funding amount: £70,000

Download the project report

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