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Centre for Education Research and Scholarship (CERS)

The Centre for Education Research and Scholarship (CERS) oversees the training supervision and ethical clearance of all education-related research degrees at Middlesex University.

The focus of CERS is on research and scholarship that is educational, multi-disciplinary and practice-based.

Acting as a hub for staff and students, CERS coordinates the research efforts of the Department of Education and the wider University, as well as nurturing the growth of new researchers through an active seminar, event and development program.

The Centre seeks to foster mentorship, encourage participation between researchers across the University, provide new opportunities for professional development and increase the profile and output of active researchers at Middlesex University.

For more information about CERS and the research we are involved in, please visit the MDX CERS website.

Education Ethics Committee

Education research invariably concerns sensitive ethics practice. The process of applying for ethics approval has recently changed as the University moves towards implementing a university-wide ethics application form.

The School of Health and Education has an ethics Wiki site, and the Education department has its own sub-committee made up of senior researchers to approve ethics application forms and process them efficiently.

Support will be offered at Research Club, including planning an application, considering the category of approval required, types of research that can be approved, understanding the new application form, guidance on completing information and consent documents, internal and external application data collection and the IRAS application process.

For more information on our ethics committee, please email Dr Lee Jerome or Shams Sadiqi.

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