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Doctoral programmes

We have built a strong reputation as an innovator in higher education and we have a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary activity.

In the Department of Education we offer PhDs and DProfs; two high quality research programmes that aim to tackle current national and international research priorities within the context of education.

PhD route

PhDs are offered via full-time and offers a traditional opportunity to research a topic and to view this through the lens of theory. It's ideal for those who enjoy sustaining their own progress.

DProf route

DProfs are offered via part-time study and is designed for anyone involved in a professional discipline who wants a slightly more structured approach to doctoral-level study. The DProf programme is structured around modules and suits those who are interested in exploring 'professionalism' in their own context or place of work.

PhD and Dprof benefits

Both these routes will give you the opportunity to gain an in-depth grounding in educational research methods. You'll also be supported by a supervisory/advisory team as well as having the additional holistic support provided by the CERS.

All research students are integrated into the research culture of the department and are encouraged to participate in various different ways both throughout their study and afterwards. Some events are informal gatherings around a cup of coffee, such as the weekly Research Club to facilitate individual support and collaboration. Others are more formal, such as the public lectures organised by CERS or the university-wide summer conference for staff and students.

These routes allow you to actively design and manage a research study, complete a written presentation and conclude in an oral examination, viva voce.

If you have any questions or queries about our doctoral programmes, please email Dr Leena Robertson (tel: 020 8411 4768) or
Dr Victoria de Rijke (tel: 020 8411 6369).

Doctoral Research Training

We take the training of our doctoral students extremely seriously because we believe that the best research is ethically, methodologically and theoretically robust. We are committed to making sure that our students have the opportunity to develop into the best researchers of tomorrow.

To this end, we provide a vigorous programme of workshops covering a range of methodological, theoretical, technical and practical issues related to all stages of the research process. In addition, we also work with colleagues across Middlesex University to ensure that our students benefit from any other specialist resource which may be on offer. Our workshops are delivered by experts and open to all Middlesex students.

For more information, including workshop times and dates, visit our MDX CERS website.

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Dr Leena Robertson

ROLE: Associate Professor
SCHOOL & DEPARTMENT: Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education Department of Education

Dr Victoria De Rijke

ROLE: Associate Professor and Deputy Research Director
SCHOOL & DEPARTMENT: Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education Department of Education

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