Higher Education SIGN

Prof Paul Gibbs

ROLE: Director of Research, Education

The growing and widening importance of higher education, its purposes and its stakeholders have created a complex sector. Investigating itself is a mark of maturity and a centre for higher education research offers a vehicle through which institutional, sector and policy issues can be located and encouraged.

The activities of the higher education special interest group and network (SIGN) will centre around four core areas:

The higher education SIGN aims to:

  • Provide research to support existing learning and teaching activities
  • Develop relationships with other Centres of higher education in London and beyond and to enhance the essence of higher education's contrition to fairness, dignity and justice
  • Seek funding for, and disseminate, research through scholarly output such as journal conferences and seminars
  • Increase high quality outcomes that will be appropriate for the next REF Education submission.

Sub groups will meet monthly and their function will include invited speakers, written groups, research spotting and applying. Main groups will work across the university to co-ordinate research teams and publications. A two-day annual conference is also in development, to commence in 2015 with the provisional theme, Imagining the University.

Lunchtime drop-in sessions will take place every Wednesday, commencing 29 October 2014, between 12pm and 2pm in room BG11, Building 9.

Special presentations confirmed for these sessions are as follows:

12 November: Pat Carney, Researching Pedagogy in a Contested Space
19 November: Professor Juan Augusto, A discussion on how current technology can support the
teaching and learning process, eg Smart Classrooms
26 November: Mike Mimirinis, Why phenomenonography is still relevant
3 December: Maureen Spencer and Healther Clay, From practical idealism to the ideology of the market: Whitehall, Westminster and higher education 1963-1983
17 December: Christine Eastman and Kate Maguire, Critical Autobiography/ Writing workshops for Professional Doctoral candidates.
21 January 2015: Mark Gray, Strategic choices in knowledge transfer in higher education.

For more information, including workshop times and dates, please contact Paul Gibbs.

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