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Empowerment of Children and Adolescents of Mentally Ill parents through training of professionals working with children and adolescents

Thousands of European children and adolescents living with a mentally ill parent will benefit from the CAMILLE project.

Living with a mentally ill adult is a heavy strain on a family – and especially on the children, who are at a significantly greater risk of developing short- and long-term mental health problems or psychosocial difficulties. Of concern is the transfer of mental illness from generation to generation. The children and the families are in need of professional understanding, support and counselling. Even though intervention programmes are emerging, the needs of these children are still not being met and parenting advice for the adults is not being given.

The main objective of the CAMILLE project is to qualify and promote inter-professional and cross-sectional efforts concerning exposed children and adolescents of mentally ill parents and their families in order to initiate early tracing and prophylactic measures, and promoting physical, psychosocial and mental health in general. The aim is to prevent the rise of children's or adolescent's psychosocial symptoms.

The main outcome will be an online training programme for registered professionals working with children and adolescents, available for global use.

Funder: European Union
Middlesex University lead investigator: Peter Ryan