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Rainbow Has

Rainbow Has

The Europe-focused Rainbow Has research project addresses the negative stereotyping and bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students. Treated as acting outside societal 'norms', these students are currently at high risk of early school leaving, under-performance and depression, or even suicide.

There is currently often an unwillingness within schools to address trans/homophobic bullying. Even where teachers do try to protect their students, they need backing from public institutions and families – backing that is not always forthcoming.

We want to help challenge the stereotypes, developing mutual respect, a higher degree of awareness and support within institutions and families. Our approach includes:exchange of best practices;

  • identification of policy recommendations/strategies for institutions in the European Union;
  • training seminars for parents, teachers and public servants; and
  • developing alliances and lobbying at European level. 

Funder: European Union
Middlesex University lead investigator: Peter Ryan