Former resident of Kogi - EHRACInterns and volunteers make a huge contribution to the work of EHRAC, in areas ranging from translation and legal to finance and administration. 

We also regularly take on students on work experience and module-based student placements from disciplines such as international relations, conflict studies and graphic design. We endeavour to ensure that they develop their skills and abilities during their time with us through practical involvement  in the work of the EHRAC office at Middlesex University.

Our aim is that interns become fully integrated into the EHRAC team and learn about the everyday tasks and issues that NGOs face. As such, all interns will be expected, when necessary, to support staff in essential tasks that ensure the functioning of the organisation such as administration, fundraising,  public relations and event organisation.

If you'd like to get a sense of what it's like to work for EHRAC, click here to read a testimonial from Daria Jarczewska. To read a list of all the interns and volunteers who contributed to EHRAC's work in its first decade of operation, click here.

"My experience at EHRAC was a valuable complement to my post-graduate studies in human rights. It gave me an insight into the practical relevance of my academic work and into the particular challenges of human rights work in Russia and the Caucasus region. The team made me feel extremely welcome and    it was a pleasure to witness their inexhaustible commitment to their work"Shanta Bhavnani

EHRAC has four types of internship and volunteer opportunities:

NGO Skills Internship (English/Russian)

This internship placement lasts for four months and requires a commitment of two days a week. It is designed to introduce interns to all areas of how an NGO operates and combines daily tasks such as processing invoices, booking meeting rooms and taking minutes for specific research or analysis projects,  according to the intern's skills and experience.

We also have an internship placement specifically for Russian speakers. It is also designed to introduce interns to how an NGO operates, but will include language-specific tasks such as translating correspondence and monitoring the Russian language press.

Skills-based internships

EHRAC also offers skills-based internships to students and graduates, enabling them to use their specific skills in a workplace environment and to contribute to a specific project. These opportunities are advertised on an ad hoc basis according to business need. Example assignments include:  graphic design for an EHRAC publication; event management for organising a debate; and financial analysis to support EHRAC's annual planning.

Legal internships

The programme is for applicants with a law degree or equivalent, preferably at post-graduate level, ideally with knowledge of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Volunteer translators

(Russian/Ukrainian/Georgian/Azeri/Armenian to English and vice versa)

Due to budget constraints, EHRAC is very much in need of linguists to assist with the translation of case documents from Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian or Azeri into English. The translation of case documents allows EHRAC's expert legal team to use their experience of successfully representing  applicants in Strasbourg to assist in our casework.

Translation volunteers are provided with a glossary of legal terms in order to assist them with translations, and normally work from home. We may occasionally ask volunteers to assist with the translation of training materials, website articles and other general material and correspondence from  English into Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian or Azeri.

Applications for voluntary translators are accepted throughout the year. See below for details on how to apply.     Please note that we cannot offer remuneration for volunteer translation services.  

How to apply

Please visit the EHRAC website for further details and information on how to apply.

Frequently asked questions

Please see our FAQs page.

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