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ECtHRLitigation at the European Court

EHRAC works in partnership with NGOs on the ground in Russia and conducts joint European Court litigation with them, providing intensive on-going mentoring to their lawyers throughout the litigation process. 

Currently, EHRAC is working on hundreds of cases covering a broad range of issues including freedom of expression and assembly, disappearances, extrajudicial execution, torture, extradition, environmental pollution and criminal justice. We endeavour to assist our partners to take on strategic cases in order to challenge systemic problems, as well as to react to new issues as they arise.

Since 2003, EHRAC has helped secure judgements in more than 100 human rights cases, of which 96 per cent found at least one violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. We also advocate for the full and effective implementation of European Court judgments and engage in advocacy work at the Council of Europe.

Working with partners

EHRAC works with partner NGOs and local lawyers with the aim of giving ordinary people across Russia and the South Caucasus access to lawyers who have the knowledge and skills to represent them effectively at the European Court. 


EHRAC sees working for the full enforcement of judgments in its cases as an integral part of the litigation process. We push for the full and successful implementation of European Court judgments in order to bring about long-term changes to domestic law and policy, so that the judgment has a positive impact on more people than the individual victims.


EHRAC actively engages in European Court reform processes, as these could have a direct impact on our applicants' ability to access justice through the European Court. Our work in this area is often in collaboration with other UK and international NGOs. 


For lawyers working with EHRAC, we provide a range of training activities, such as a week-long 'legal skills' programme in London and legal consultancies with EHRAC experts 'in-country'.


We have several resources available (in Russian and English) for ECHR litigating lawyers such as a guide to writing witness statements (also in Georgian), a litigation manual and our biannual EHRAC Bulletin.

EHRAC Strategy Plan: 2013-2023

In celebration of EHRAC's 10th anniversary in 2013, we published a new strategy to outline key areas of focus for the upcoming decade: 2013-2023.

For more information on what we do, please visit: http://www.ehrac.org.uk/about-our-work/.

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