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CALCNR (Community based Adaptive Learning in management of Conflicts and Natural Resources in Bangladesh and Nepal)

The project aims to generate evidence-based knowledge on the gaps between community management of natural resources, local adaptation innovations and national policy debates over climate change and conflicts related to natural resource access in Nepal and Bangladesh. The research is led by FHRC working with partners Forest Action, iDE and Nice Foundation. Participatory action research is underway in 70 sites with local community based organisations, mainly in Bangladesh floodplains, and in community forests and hill areas of Nepal. Findings are linked with an adaptive learning process among and with larger networks of community organisations in both countries, and the project engages with policy and practitioner stakeholders through district and national level "policy learning forums". This is expected to result in lessons on methods to help poor natural resource users overcome conflicts that may be worsened by climate change and enhanced capacity among community organisations. Ultimately the results are expected to reveal the constraints and enabling conditions for community initiatives that improve resilience and minimise adverse impacts of conflicts on the rights of the poor.

Funder: NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)

Duration: January 2014 – December 2017

FHRC Project Manager: Dr Parvin Sultana

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