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Coping with risk

Role of floodplain community based organisations in coping with risk

FHRC are leading this research project. The purpose of the project is to support enhanced coping with risk by the poor in Bangladesh floodplains by assessing current practices and coping by a range of community organisations and conducting action research on good practices with a network of community based organisations.

FHRC will undertake research in Bangladesh with a network of 250 existing Community Based Organisations (CBOs) managing floodplain natural resources and with other local community institutions for collective action. This will develop an improved understanding of their present coping strategies and attitudes to risk. Good practices and innovations identified with the CBOs will be piloted by CBOs to improve risk coping mechanisms and ultimately the livelihoods of poor fishers and farmers.  Lessons will be drawn and disseminated to practitioners and policy makers who have scope to scale up the findings to potentially benefit a large part of the rural poor population facing natural and climatic hazards. Our partners are a Bangladesh NGO – Nice Foundation, and the Society for Water Resources Management – a federation of 250 existing floodplain CBOs formed through our earlier projects in Bangladesh.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


2010 – 2013

FHRC Project Manager:

Dr Parvin Sultana

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