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Flood CBA 2

Flood Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) 2

This project is, in effect, a knowledge exchange project, designed to introduce some member states to a more rigorous assessment of flood protection and flood risk management schemes, with an emphasis on both economic efficiency and the maximisation of public safety.  The countries involved are the UK, Greece, Portugal and Spain, and the method of working is to select case studies in each country and analyse the costs and benefits of flood risk management measures there, as a vehicle for training programmes for stakeholders and users of project appraisal techniques and methods. In the UK we are using Oxford as the case study, illustrating the potential for implementing a major bypass channel to reduce flood risk in the city, but also the problems of doing so in terms of benefits and costs, stakeholder agreements and funding opportunities.

This project is the second phase of the successful Flood CBA project.

Funder: DG-ECGO (European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection)

Duration: January 2016 - December 2017

FHRC Project Manager: Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell

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