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Flood Site

FLOODsite - Integrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies

FLOODsite was a large EC research project undertaking research of over €14M in value through 37 partner organisations and over 250 individual researchers. The project aimed to deliver an integrated European methodology for flood risk analysis and management for rivers, estuaries and the coast; a consistent approach to flood risk management process and practice, techniques and knowledge to support integrated flood risk management, and frameworks for decision support for long-term and flood event risk management. In November 2007, the Parliament and Council of the European Union published a new European Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks. FLOODsite was listed as one of the European actions that supported the Directive.

The Flood Hazard Research Centre contributed to five key tasks within the research project:

Task 10 - Socio-economic evaluation and modelling methodologies;

Task 11 – Risk perception, community behaviour and social resilience;

Task 13 - Strategies for pre-flood risk management;

Task 29 – Text-based knowledge transfer.  


European Commission 6th Framework Programme



FHRC Project Manager:

Sue Tapsell

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