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Communicating impacts in flood warnings and forecasts

The Flood Hazard Research Centre with CH2M and the National Flood Forum are undertaking a one year project to investigate the flood impact and historical/geographical context information. The aim is to identify and harness that information that is most valuable to enable the public and professional stakeholders to make effective decisions to undertake effective action before and during a flood. Based on the needs identified, the project will determine how best to express those impacts throughout current and future professional services.

The project is commissioned through the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as part of the Joint Environment Agency, Defra, NRW and Welsh Government FCRM Research and Development Programme.


The project aims to produce new communication approaches which facilitate enhanced decision making and actions among both the at-risk public and relevant professional organisations in England and Wales to reduce the consequences of fluvial flooding.

If you have any questions about this project, please get in touch with Dr Simon McCarthy s.mccarthy@mdx.ac.uk

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