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Knowledge for Climate

Knowledge for Climate (KfC)

In coastal plains and river deltas flood risk management (FRM) requires constant adaptation to changing circumstances. The Netherlands has a tradition in such adaptation, as it has coped with rising sea levels and subsiding soils for many centuries already.  Accelerated climate change now urges the Netherlands to reconsider its long-term policy for flood risk management. This requires the assessment of which strategic alternatives are to be preferred, not only from a risk reduction point of view, but broader from the point of view of social equity, economic efficiency and ecological integrity.

Knowledge for Climate is a research programme for the development of knowledge and services that  hopes to make it possible to 'climate proof' the Netherlands. Governmental organisations (central government, provinces, municipalities and water boards) and businesses actively participate in the research programme.

FHRC will be involved in the insurance aspects of the project.


The Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)


2010 - 2014

FHRC Project Manager:

Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell

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