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Natural Flood Retention on Private Land

The Flood Hazard Research Centre is a principle contributor in LAND4FLOOD Cost action. This EU action is a four year networking programme that aims to establish a common knowledge base and channels of communication among scientists, regulators, land owners and other stakeholders in flood risk management addressing the theme. The theme focuses on Natural Flood Retention on private land including economic issues (e.g. how to compensate for or incentivize flood retention services); property rights issues (e.g. how to allow temporary flood storage on private land); issues of public participation (e.g. how to ensure the involvement of private landowners) as well as issues of public subsidies (e.g. how to integrate/mainstream flood retention in agricultural subsidies).



Knowledge transfer via the establishment of a strong network focused on the theme facilitating further research and policy development actions.

If you have any questions about this project, please get in touch with Dr Simon McCarthy s.mccarthy@mdx.ac.uk

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