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Lower Thames

Lower Thames flood plain management (project 1)

This research builds on previous phases of consultation (Lower Thames Strategy Study Phases 1 to 4) and liaison with the residents and all Local Planning Authorities throughout the Lower Thames area (Windsor to Teddington Lock). The project involves working with the key project partners Halcrow Ltd, Jacobs Engineering U.K. Ltd and together with the Environment Agency Flood Risk Management (FRM) teams. The aim of the project is to agree through pilots appropriate levels of FRM support in the form of Flood Plain Management (FPM) tool development, FRM approaches and partner responsibilities. 

The project objectives is to recommend options for public incentivisation and awareness programmes through social surveys, consultations and 'building trust' activities to achieve buy-in for the Community Based Measures Programme (community structural, temporary and non-structural approaches). It also aims to develop a selected range of hydraulic models to support further refinement of FPM tool and provide guidance for its future operationalisation within relevant Local Authorities. 


Halcrow Ltd


2010 – 2012

FHRC Project Manager:

Dr Simon McCarthy

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