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Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder Evaluation

FHRC is part of the consortium led by Collingwood Environmental Planning that is evaluating the new Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder scheme. The Pathfinder is a new grant scheme designed to enable and stimulate communities at significant or greater risk of flooding to work with key partners to develop innovative local solutions that:

  • Enhance flood risk management and preparedness in ways which quantifiably improve the community's overall resilience;
  • Demonstrably improve the community's financial resilience in relation to flooding;
  • Deliver sustained improvements which have the potential to be applied in other areas.

Under the Pathfinder scheme Defra is providing funding to thirteen local authorities across England to stimulate community action on flood resilience. The measures being developed include property-level protection, flood resilience groups, volunteer flood wardens and community champions, engagement with more vulnerable groups and efforts to increase financial resilience.

FHRC staff are acting as advisors on the project as well as supporting the evaluation of two of the individual Pathfinder projects. Evaluating policy interventions like the Pathfinder scheme will generate valuable information and contribute to a reliable understanding of which actions work and are effective and could thus be applied elsewhere.    




2013 – 2015

FHRC contact:

Dr Simon McCarthy

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