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THESEUS: Innovative Technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate

In recent times, coastal protection and water management in coastal lowlands has been concerned to keep water out, defend property from water and live on dry land. Globally, and especially in parts of Europe, there has been a change in attitude towards coastal protection in response to the growing risk and uncertainty generated by climate change. The future of flood protection is in part a return to the past, with the focus being shifted to making space for water, or techniques that allow some areas to be sacrificially flooded.

THESEUS will examine the application of innovative combined coastal mitigation and adaptation technologies generally aiming at delivering a safe (or low-risk) coast for human use/development and healthy coastal habitats as sea levels rise and climate changes (and the European economy continues to grow). The primary objective is to provide an integrated methodology for planning sustainable defence strategies for the management of coastal erosion and flooding which addresses technical, social, economic and environmental aspects. THESEUS objectives are governed by three specific goals, which concern: (a) risk assessment, (b) response strategies and (c) application.


European Commission Seventh Framework Programme


2009 – 2013

FHRC Project Manager:

Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell

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